Herpetic whitlow is one of the common skin viral infections caused by the herpes simplex virus that affect men and women and also children

herpetic whitlow finger vs herpetic whitlow toe:

there is no big difference in the 2 types as they are caused by the same virus and may be the same symptoms always and you can see them as the following pictures

herpetic whitlow fingere and toe pictures:

The herpes appears as groups of vesicles on the fingers and toes as in the


herpetic whitlow toeherpetic whitlow toeherpetic whitlow fingerherpetic whitlow finger

What is herpetic whitlow?

It is viral skin infection caused by herpes virus type 1 and sometimes type 2 when get infection from genital area and also called herpes of fingers, hands, toes, foot and digital finger herpes

Things you should care about herpetic whitlow:

1- It is viral skin problems

2- Painful with groups of vesicles

3- Affects both boys and girls

4- Caused by herpes virus

5- Affects fingers and toes

6- Can spread to genital area and eyes

7- More common in children

Herpetic whitlow causes:

Herpetic whitlow caused by the herpes virus infection:

- Herpes virus type 1 (hvs 1) is the main cause

- Herpes virus type 2 when touch infected genital area with herpes


Diagnosis of herpetic whitlow:

1- Diagnosis by dermatologist by its signs and symptoms

2- Swab from the lesions to viral culture

3- Blood test when needed from your doctor

Who can get herpetic whitlow:

Herpetic whitlow can affect all ages and all family:

  1. men and women
  2. more common in children
  3. fingers and toes

Herpetic whitlow spread:

Herpetic whitlow can spread from person to another like in the same family or in the same school between children and may also by direct contact and using other personal care items like towels

Herpetic whitlow symptoms:

Herpes can be primary and recurrent types of infections and the main symptoms:

  1. can be asymptomatic
  2. feeling of fever
  3. painful
  4. red of skin
  5. burning sensation
  6. sever itching
  7. regional lymphadenopathy

How does herpetic whitlow look like?

Herpetic whitlow appears as small vesicles on the fingers in groups with redness of the skin and on the toes

Is herpetic whitlow contagious?

Yes herpetic whitlow is contagious and can spread from person to another person through direct contact

Recurrent herpetic whitlow:

Herpetic whitlow as skin viral infection can be recurrent and can affect the person just one time in life

Herpetic whitlow similar skin problems:
  1. streptococcal infections
  2. erythema multiforme
  3. aphthous stomatitis

Complication of herpetic whitlow:
  1. secondary ocular infections
  2. secondary genital infections

Herpetic whitlow treatment:

Herpetic whitlow can be treated by:

1. acyclovir tablets

2. valacyclovir tablets

3. acyclovir cream

4. docosanol cream

5. penciclovir

And the treatment takes from 7 to 14 days

Natural and herbal herpetic whitlow treatment:

Herpetic whitlow can be treated by honey and olive oil and other herbal options

Home personal care:
  1. avoid using the towels of other personal care things
  2. avoid contact skin of the infected persons
  3. cover your fingers with bandage
  4. wear gloves if you are health care provider
  5. do not touch a lot your eyes or genital area with infected fingers